Kobe Bryant.

I’m able to celebrate 13 years of sobriety and 21 years of marriage this last week.

Here’s the hard part of this last week for me. Kobe Bryant passed away tragically. I’m not a huge Kobe fan but his passing (and all those who died) has made me sad and caused me to reflect. I’m blown away by the people’s lives he touched. It’s made me feel so “small” in this world.

We might not change the world. Our ripple effect might not be as big as his or others. But, every time we throw a pebble of love, kindness, help, and hope into the water of life? There will be a ripple. We never know how far that ripple will travel into the world but that small pebble might be exactly what one person needs.

I don’t know. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass. Which is awesome for me…because this last week I am feeling extremely small.

RIP to Kobe and to all of those who were tragically lost this last week.

RIP to all those who were tragically lost in our lives.

RIP Derek. (Tell Kobe and the others hi. Tell all those who left a small little ripple in my life hi as well).

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  1. And thank you for the very LARGE ripple you’re leaving in my life, Brett. You are a ripple of love, kindness, honesty and generosity to countless people. And you are loved for it all.


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