Channel 253 and a broken remote.

I’m not proud of this post and I’m definitely not proud of myself.

Let me explain. I love college football. I love watching NASCAR on Sunday after church. I love watching sports. I love watching North Carolina and Duke basketball. I love BYU football. I watch plenty of SportsCenter. I love baseball. I love watching the NFL playoffs. I love watching Survivor with my family every Wednesday night. It’s become a tradition to watch with Tris and Jodi. I love watching Ink Master. That’s about all, really.

Here’s the problem. College football is over. Survivor is over. BYU football is over. NASCAR is over and doesn’t start again until February. Baseball is in the offseason. NFL is almost over. It gets dark really early. The parties of Christmas and New Years are over. I have plenty of time at night cause all our “to do’s” at home are done and I can only work so much.

It might sound like I watch a lot of tv. I really don’t. I watch sports. I’ve started working later and later and I go to the gym. (I’ve lost 59 pounds in the last three months).

Here’s the other problem. When there was nothing on one Sunday afternoon after church I was thumbing through the channels.

Either the remote broke or it’s out of batteries and got stuck on channel 253. The Lifetime Movie Channel. Let me tell you how the movie goes. Someone dies. Someone has an affair. Someone moves to a small town. Someone falls in love. Someone is living a double life. Someone is out for revenge. Someone has security cameras put in their house. The cops won’t do anything. Someone dies. (Gun shot. Knife. Drowning. Falling down the stairs) The people who survive cry and hug. The movie ends.

And? Within minutes another movie with a similar story begins. And ends. And begins again.

I don’t know if I’m hooked or not but I can’t wait until NASCAR or BYU football starts again. Survivor. North Carolina basketball. Duke. Baseball. Anything good.

Or I wish someone would replace the batteries or fix my broken remote that has my tv, unfortunately, stuck on channel 253 forcing me to watch these stupid movies.

There’s nothing worse than getting your tv stuck on channel 253. Please send batteries. Call me a remote control tech. Please.

Gotta go. “Anniversary Nightmare” is just starting. Followed by “Dangerous Matrimony”.

I did, however, tell you I wasn’t proud. I’m not. But, that’s life. We all have “stuck, broken remotes” and things we’re definitely not proud of.

But…this is just becoming pathetic.

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