I don’t think someone’s favorite word while driving down the freeway should be Idiotstick. I don’t even know what Idiotstick means or where it came from. I just know that I say it, a lot.

I’m not the one driving in the fast lane going 64 miles per hour. I’m not the one in the hov lane going 58 miles per hour. The reason they have those lanes is so people like me who want to go just a little faster than the speed limit can go a little faster than the speed limit. I think. There’s literally a sign after a sign after a sign that says “slower traffic, keep right. It’s the law”.

Seriously. Pull over, PLEASE.

I figure that people who refuse to pull over have several reasons. 1). They can’t read the signs. 2). They are too proud to pull over to let someone by. 3). They don’t care. 4). They think they are above the law. 5). They think they are more important than me. 6). They’re from Idaho.


7). They’re Idiotsticks

My car has a speed warning that I set at 80 miles per hour. It goes off and warns me a lot. I guess I drive too fast. I do know I drive faster than 64 or 58 miles per hour. I also know I should probably reset the warning to 85 cause it gets annoying. And, after all these years I’ve learned that I probably won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

I also know that it frustrates me to no end at times because the truth is? I am the important one. I am definitely the most important driver on the road and I am definitely not the Idiotstick.

Or? Maybe I am actually the Idiotstick cause I’m the one that continues to get mad at Idiotsticks.


It’ll help eliminate you as an Idiotstick. It’ll also help me with my personal problem of being an Idiotstick.

Who am I kidding? Even if you pull over I’ll still find another reason to call you an Idiotstick.

I’m proud of myself though. Calling you an Idiotstick is way way way better than what I used to call you.

Even though I don’t know what an Idiotstick is.

Just don’t be one. I’ll try not to call you one. I’ll also try not to be one. Wish me luck, Idiotsticks.

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