Four Girls. Light. Neil Diamond and Jesus.

Neil Diamond is Jewish and has a Christmas album.

Christmas is for everyone because Christmas is about love, kindness, giving, charity, service, and light.

I have Jodi, Kylie, Sierra, and Tristan. Count ‘em. That’s four. Yes, Jodi is just one of the girls.

Think of someone who is an example of Christlike service. Highlight them on social media.

This is as social media as I get. I don’t have Facechat, Snapgram, Instabook, The Twitter, or any other social media outlets. I am, however, smart enough to Google the “Come unto Christ” calendar and am trying to follow it this year.

This post is for today.

I’m highlighting Jodi. She is an example of Christlike service as a mother. I could go on forever about how brilliant she is as a mother and everything she has given from her heart and her soul in being a mother. Mothers are gifts from God. Jodi definitely has that gift from God of being a mom.

I’m highlighting Kylie. She is an example of a huge heart and truly loving other people. If you ever want to see the light of Christ I’d suggest looking into her big, bright blue eyes.

I’m highlighting Sister Sierra Buchi. She is an example of love and service. After all, she is literally serving the Lord on her mission. Oregon, Portland Mission. Shout out.

I’m highlighting Tristan. She is an example of of being a good example, being a good friend, and caring for others. She wants to work with disabled children as a career. That’s about as Christlike as you could possibly be.

I’m highlighting Neil Diamond. He has one of the best Christmas albums ever. (Along with The Oak Ridge Boys and the Chipmunks). He is an example of love, tolerance, open mindedness, and a willingness to accept and love others regardless of any other motive.

I look up to these examples. Four girls. Neil Diamond. Jesus. They are examples of light. A true light that definitely needs to be highlighted.

(Too bad I don’t have Facegram or Intstabook).

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