There is hope.

A few days ago graduated to soft foods. I ate a few pieces of shrimp and some imitation crab. It was a good day.

My graduation day I ate the toppings of a veggie pizza from the Pie. It consisted of feta cheese, artichoke hearts, spinach, onions, and a few little tomatoes mixed in. Soft foods. It was a good day.

Tonight I ate 1/2 a cup of tomato soup. They gave me four packets of saltines and big croutons on the top of the soup. I took out the croutons and ignored the crackers. It’s hard because who eats tomato soup without crackers? That kind of seems unfair to the crackers and insulting to the soup. It was, however, a good night.

Kylie blogged the other day about good things, being happy, and knowing it’s ok to be ok. It’s ok to be happy. I agree. (Follow her blog at I think that’s it. If not, I’ll find out and send it later). She’s a brilliant writer and will add to your life. I assure you. It was pointed out that I’m good at walking through the challenges of “not being ok” parts of lives. Problems. Challenges. The negative feelings and emotions of life. I’m not, however, good at the positive, happy times, and the being ok with being ok aspects of life. I feel guilty about the “good parts of my life”. Not sure why. I’m so extremely blessed, fortunate, lucky, and grateful for my life. My life is good. Really really good. I should be ok with that.

All I know today is that I do know life can be full of challenges, struggles, hard times, etc. I also know life is full of really really good times as well. My life is ok today and today…that’s perfectly fine with me.

There is hope. And, that feels amazing to a person like me.

(Thanks Kylie. Happy 24th Birthday).

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