I love my family.

We spent Friday night at our cabin. Cabin 11. My thoughts from Cabin 11 today are pretty simple.

I love my family.

We had a fire. We talked. We laughed. We read crude cards from a game. We sat on couches, tables, benches, and by the fire pit. We ate. (We always do). Actually, I didn’t. My surgery is coming up soon. We hung out and just spent time with each other. I received three individual texts after we left to say thanks and let me know how much fun everyone had.

The great thing about my family is that we’re definitely not perfect. We are all flawed. In fact, one of our conversations was about all the children we all had that were “accidents”. One after another. We are built on a solid foundation of “accidents”. We laughed. Our children laughed. It was funny.

Don’t be offended by these comments. We know. They know. God knows. Not one of these amazing people (my nephews and nieces) were accidents at all. They all became the greatest blessings in ALL our lives. Mine is Kylie Ray Buchi. Now a Singleton. My first daughter. She changed my life. I also have two other daughters. Sierra Lynn Buchi and Tristan Brett Buchi. They are my everything. They continue to change me and my life in every way possible. I also have one of those other people in my life. She’s called a “wife”. She definitely wasn’t an accident. God put her in my life for a reason. He was right. She also continues to change me and my life in every possible way. I actually married her twice. Jodi Buchi. She means the world to me.

Jodi. Kylie. Sierra. Tristan. Jordan. (Married to Kylie).

Mom. Tim.

Dad. (Passed away 2013).

My sisters and all their spouses. Tami. Rocky. Kristin. Shane. Erin. Vance. Traci. Chad.

My only brother Derek. (Passed away 2018).

All my nephews and nieces and their spouses. I wish I knew all of their names. I could try to name them all but I guarantee I’d leave out 5-6 of them and then I’d be in real trouble.

We’re definitely not perfect. We are all flawed. But, we are definitely not “accidents”. We are all blessings to each other. We are all gifts to each other. Gifts from God. Every single one of us. Every single one of YOU. My family.

(Even if I don’t know all your names).

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  1. And please remember, Brett, you are no accident, either!! God created you to be just who you are and you’re doing a great job of it, and “God ain’t finished with ya yet!” Our family still has a long way to go together!


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