The long drive home from our short vacation.

We went to Tuacahn this weekend to see The Sound of Music, The Little Mermaid, and When You Wish Upon a Star. The Little Mermaid was a disappointment. I just feel like Mermaids and fishes shouldn’t tap dance. That was strange. The Sound of Music was brilliant. My son in law says I like old grandma movies. It’s true. Fiddler on the Roof is one of my favorite productions. The play is my all time favorite show. I could watch/see it a million times. Same with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Go, Go, Go, Joseph. Mary Poppins. I like stories that move me. Stories that make me feel. WWII stories. The Garden State. Life as a House. Lars and the Real Girl. The Greatest Showman. This is 40. The Story of Us. Those are not grandma movies. Those are movies and stories that I can relate too. (Sorry, Jordan). Sometimes I stay away from movies or shows that are too emotional. I haven’t dared watch This is Us. My wife says I “need” to watch it. I think she’s the one that “needs” me to watch it. Yep. Exactly why I won’t. 45 minutes until I’m home. I’m really grateful my wife drove. I “needed” it. I guess I’ll have to watch This is Us now. Wish me luck. Driving is easier than crying and I’ll probably cry. But, next time I’LL definitely be the one to make the long drive home from our short vacation.

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  1. Mom and I watch it faithfully now. We have CRIED and realized that this show and crying/laughing is SO therapeutic. It’s such a well written show.


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